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About Us

We are jewellers with a rich heritage and an interesting historical background.

Our family was bestowed with the title of "Kimtee" by the Maharaja of Chittor (Rajasthan) Maharana Pratap, in the 17th century. This title was given in honour of the bravery and sacrifice made in line of duty towards the motherland. And ever since, this title has been the identifying feature and Characteristic of our family.

The Kimtee family relocated to Hyderabad in the early 19th century, of around 125 years back and have been here ever since. We took over the business of jewellery trade for over 120 years ago. We were also bestowed with the rare honour of being appointed as the royal jewellers to the Nizams'. Apart from these we were also actively involved in the freedom struggle. Our family has had the esteemed privilege of contributing the fight for the freedom of the nation, along with the likes of Smt. Sarojini Devi.

Nizams JewellersWe are one of the oldest families in Hyderabad, with years of faith and trust behind us and hence our motto is "Traditional name for trust and quality." We deal in a wide range of jewellery, ranging from gems, gold, silver, and diamonds too.

We strongly believe in the concept of customer satisfaction, and hence our emphasis has always been on quality and service beyond par. With our impeccable quality, we not only deal in traditional jewels but also design jewels in accordance with the latest trends and fashions. To keep tandem with our esteemed customers needs, we also specially design jewels according to their personal tastes and preferences.

We have a wide range of jewels to suit every occasion from light daily wear for office and college wear, to heavy and gorgeous jewellery for marriages and other auspicious occasions.

In our Diamond Collection we have both traditional as well as modern designs. For the ladies we have specially crafted earrings, tops, finger rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, nose rings and studs, as well as other accessories. We have special designs for our male customers as well, like rings, pendants, lockets, bracelets etc.

In our Gold Collection we have separate collections for the traditional weddings and other such special ceremonies.
In our wedding collection we have separate range of designs in both South Indian as well as North Indian styles, in accordance with the varied needs of our customers.

Under the South Indian Collection, we have exclusive designs for Nan Tar (Mangal Sutra), a special range of black beads jewellery, also a wide variety of other accessories to go for the occasion like the armlets (Vanki) and the waist bands (Vaddi Aranam). A special collection of a wide range of necklaces to suit every need, like the, long and short necklaces, and also in a variety of designs, like Chandrahaar, Kaasu Danda, Mamidipinda and an exquisite range of necklaces studded with stones. We also have a wide range of ear-rings, from the Buttals, Makar Kundals to regular tops and hangings.

Nizams JewellersIn our collection of bangles, we again have a wide variety of designs as with the bracelets, rings and other accessories too.

In our North Indian designs, we deal in a wide range of necklaces, both long and short, with special emphasis on the Meenakari designs and Kundan works. We also deal in sale of bangles, bracelets, rings, tikas, nose pins and other accessories.

We have an exclusive collection of designs to suit the western Indian tastes too.

We have necklaces with the authentic Kundan workmanship, beads, intricate Meenakari, Nakshi, etc. These are usually handmade, but some are also machine made these days.

In the bangles segment too, we have bangles with Kundan, Meenakari, and Nakshi both hand-made as well as machine-made. As with the tikas, nose rings, studs, the waistbands (Kamar Pattas), rings etc., we have a separate collection of jewels with gems, like Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Cubic Zircons, and combinations of two or more gems.

Nizams JewellersIn the traditional segment, we have an exquisite collection of jewels in Kundan, Meenakari intricate and special Nakshi art works too.

We have separate collection of jewels for occasional wear too, to match the special occasions and events. We have special range of designed jewellery, called "The Valentine Collection", where in we have special designs in pendants, lockets, bracelets, rings, ear rings, etc.

We have a few more to add this list. But the range and choice is limitless.

We cater to both women and men's wear. We also have a wide range of silverware, be it intricate anklets or gift items. We have it all, suited to your requirements. We undertake sale of ready made or made as per your order, as per your specifications and tastes.

Do visit us to have a look at our exquisite range of jewels and gems, all suited to your tastes and likes.